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Small Buisness Training Courses

CamKlen are committed to delivering high quality self-employed courses using a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical sessions that are designed to develop ability and most importantly practical confidence with a fun element to make sure your learning experience is enjoyable. Our fully qualified trainers are dedicated to ensure that all delegates experience a high level of education through various learning mediums and provide positive feed back and encouragement every step of each individual's journey in starting your business or maintaining your business with the help of short courses.


As a small business or individual there are many obstacles in your way to success and many are due to accounting or not being able to keep a record of your business accounts in simple terms. Here at CamKlen we are dedicated to helping you achieve these obstacles and ensure that you come away with a better understanding on all aspects of accounts including HMRC, Sales, Purchasing, Credit Control and Payroll issues and eliminating any myths that you need to pay accountancy fees when in reality it can all be done for free if you know how. No individual or small company needs to pay out on expensive accountancy fees if your business annual turnover is less than £3 million.  CamKlen's courses are practical workshops and are designed around individual needs that allow you to set up your business accounts with an immediate effect to manage your accounts.


Small Business Courses Available


This workshop is designed to help and show small businesses the importance of why keeping accounts helps an individual keep track of all transactions of sales and expenditures.    Most small businesses do not fail because of good ideas; it’s the failure of keeping accounting records correctly.  CamKlen has devised simple practical straight forward methods to enable individuals to have a better understanding of what is required of them when processing their accounts.  The workshop runs over 2½ days and provides all information on what a business can claim through expenses, filing and keeping records, filing self-assessments online, VAT returns, credit control procedures, profit margins, personal tax and national insurance allowances and HMRC gateway.  This workshop will eliminate the need to pay out on high accountant fees each year; as we give you an insight on exactly what accountants actually do for your hard earned cash.  All individuals are required to bring along a memory stick to obtain documentation and simple spread sheets and your own laptop is optional.  We provide you with all the stationery required to start you on the road to good accountancy practices.



CamKlen’s computerised payroll workshops are presented in laymen’s terms that is clear, jargon-free and easy to understand.  Our trainers continually review and revise course content so it’s up to date with the latest developments.  Our training includes Payroll Software to get you started to enable you to work more effectively and efficiently from the offset. 


Payroll Day 1

Get to grips with the basic principles of setting up a Computerised Payroll, including RTI.  This workshop helps to create your employees and sub-contractors, to producing your payment and deduction types and configuring your e-submissions.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Confidently navigate a Computerised Payroll System

  • Check legislation settings in your software

  • Configure your software to suit your company requirements

  • Set up and amend employee records, payments and deductions, basic pension schemes and user and access rights

  • Navigate confidently in a majority of  Payroll packages

  • Basic Pension Schemes


Payroll Day 2

The 2nd day shows you how to process a payroll run from start to finish by entering payments, producing payslips and submitting your information to HMRC.  You will also learn how to correct any processing errors and complete your month end routines including generating the P32.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Run a basic weekly or monthly payroll

  • Print or email appropriate payslips to employees

  • Perform and submit RTI routines, Full Payment Submissions (FPS), National Insurance Number Verification (NVR) and Employer Payment Summary (EPS)

  • Correct errors during processing using the Rollback and Restore functions

  • Set up new starters and process leavers

  • Complete Period End Routines including producing the P32

  • Process electronic payments to employees and HMRC directly


Payroll Day 3

Day 3 deals with handling the more advanced operations, within a computerised payroll system including processing attachments, student loans, statutory payments and setting up holiday schemes.  You will also learn how to generate historical reports and payslips and be introduced to report designer to amend existing reports and create your own.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Be able to process statutory payments including, Statutory Sick Pay, Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay

  • Allocate and process Attachment of Earnings

  • Create and administrate Holiday schemes and employee absence

  • Produce historical reports including payslips

  • Amend payslips and create basic reports in the Report Designer tool



This workshop is aimed at those people who wish to change to computerised accounts for their own business.  It may also appeal to anyone with an interest in Bookkeeping who is not yet ready to commit to the more intensive Book-keeping course.

By the end of this course you will:

Computerised techniques for:

  • Setting up a Company

  • Customer and Supplier data

  • Invoicing and credit notes

  • Receipts and Payments for Customers and Suppliers

  • Other cash receipts and payments

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Various financial and administration reports



This workshop is ideal for anyone who needs a basic grounding in the principles of double entry bookkeeping.  It is intended to offer principles and techniques involved in bookkeeping without too much detail.  By the end of the course you will be able to understand how the majority of basic financial transactions get processed and to understand some of the terminology used by accountants.  This workshop does not lead to any formal qualification or certification.

The key areas covered will be:

  • Understanding how to record transactions

  • The accounting equation

  • Debits and credits

  • Completing day books

  • Elements of profit and loss and the balance sheet (income statement/statement of financial position)




This workshop is a helping hand to anyone who has a great business idea and does not know where to go or how to begin in starting a new great business venture.  Is starting out really that expensive?  No it is not.  We are here to give practical advice and to help on your quest to success.  We show you how to achieve great success at very little outlay and the shortcuts that cost nothing but your time and patience.

The key areas covered will be:

  • Company Name

  • Company Registration with Companies House

  • Domain Name & Hosting

  • Company Logo and slogan

  • Buy company logo images to use on website, business cards, letterheads etc.

  • Build Website

  • Business Cards & Letterheads

  • Software packages

  • Create Outlook email account

  • Business all set to run



This workshop is designed for people who wish to gain an understanding of principles and practice of controlling credit and managing debt of their clients.  Many people lack the confidence in asking what is owed and failure can cause major cash flow problems that in turn can have devastating effects where employees or suppliers are not paid that can cause your business to fold.  This becomes a vicious circle and incurs many sleepless nights.   This workshop is loaded with lots of practical advice, boosts confidence and more importantly gets you on the road of being paid.

The key areas covered will be:


  • Cutting down on credit; Bad debts; and Sales discounts

  • Credit application form; Trade references; Bankers references; Credit checks; and Credit insurance

  • Terms and conditions of sale; Interest; Invoices and Aged debt analysis and debt turn

  • The Courts and their powers of collection

  • Statutory demands; Insolvency; Winding up petitions; Voluntary arrangements; and Administration orders

  • VAT & Tax Relief for Bad Debts



This workshop helps people in the preparation and maintenance of records to understand VAT and the importance of completing VAT returns correctly.  We will demonstrate when you charge output VAT and clarify the input VAT you are entitled to reclaim.

The key areas covered will be:

  • Examine the rules and regulations of VAT

  • Procedures and controls that should be in place to ensure VAT returns are submitted accurately and on time. 

  • Complete understanding of VAT

  • Confidence to know you are dealing with VAT correctly. 

  • Powers of HMRC

  • Penalties if VAT returns are incomplete, inaccurate or submitted late



This workshop is aimed at self-employed people and directors of companies that have to do submit Tax Return every year.  People become very daunted when having to deal with HMRC or complete online forms.  Here at CamKlen we provide you with an easy solution to overcome these worries and show a simple and easy way to avoid filing your returns late.  This course is included in our SELF-HELP RECORD KEEPING OF ACCOUNTS workshop.

The key areas covered will be:

  • Preparing Income & expenditure accounts for sole traders

  • Finalizing the accounts

  • Analysing the accounts for sole traders

  • Calculating the taxes for sole trader profits

  • Tax planning for sole traders based on the taxes on accounts

  • Understanding differences between drawings & dividends

  • Efficient tax planning

  • Understanding submission procedures to HMRC

  • Analysing Class 2 & Class 4 NIC

  • Analysing personal allowance

  • Income from Self Employments

  • Income of company directors

  • Analysis of savings and investment income and tax implications

  • Capital Gains Tax analysis

  • Inheritance Tax analysis



CamKlen work closely with local colleges and other training providers for students to gain qualifications such as NVQs and food hygiene etc.; some courses may be funded by local authorities, Enterprise centres or local job centres, so it is worth talking to an advisor to enquire whether you are entitled or eligible to any course or training for free.


NVQ Courses Available:



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